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“Just got the call back from Allied Barton, they want to see me as soon as I get back to Colorado. They are going to be super flexible with me going back to school also, he told me just to let them know my school schedule and they will totally work around it. Really appreciate you guys helping me out. Thanks again.”
Rocky R, 173rd ABN BDE

GovContractJobs has worked nonstop in the pursuit of locating a job that best suits my experience level and skills sets. I could not speak more highly of their dedication, focus, and timely responses to my countless inquires. I recommend anyone looking for government employment to contact the team at (GovContractJobs).
A United States Army Transitioning Veteran, Christopher H 3rd Ranger Bn, RLTW

So there I was, 3 days into a contract I have worked in/and on for 3 years only to be let go because the company wanted to save a few bucks. They brought in a Junior Dev that was receiving about 1/3 what I make and then they “let me go” (Senior Dev). As a recommendation from a good friend I joined and in 2 days received 6 cleared jobs, in a higher and proper salary range for my position and in a location I could only dream about in the past. Also, what really surprised me was that these jobs where not advertised on other traditional cleared sites or ANY OTHER WEBSITE or social network for that matter. I also learned, that I was basically “the value added purchase of the company” because on the GovContractJobs website, there are tons of articles and resources to get contracting new guys and even contracting vets prepared for the “new” DoD job market and learn about your field more specifically then before. The jobs are out there, you just need to look on this site and get yourself up to speed. Also you can check on what new contracts are out there unadvertised even by the companies that won them and best of all get in contact with actual recruiters that specialize in placing DoD and 3 letter agency cleared professionals in a jobs you actually want, something the other sites just can’t do. The articles fixed my resume, taught me all sorts of ins-and outs that where kept “secret” from me and basically guided me in the right direction. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something better, or even just wants to stay up to date on the goings on of contracting. Thank you 
P.K – U.S Army Paratrooper / 173rd ABN/ Now on my 4th year as a Senior Software Developer

We help former military professionals and law enforcement find jobs around the world. 100+ Jobs a week. Private Military Contractor, Homeland Security, Maritime Security, Force Protection, Executive Protection, and MOS Specific jobs, you name it - we find it! 

“The professionalism, care, and tailored support I received from was exceptional. The team greatly assisted my transition from the government by providing expert consultation on my resume and online profile, and helping me with my job search in a highly competitive sector. I strongly endorse and have recommended them to several colleagues. All have had the same, positive experience”.
Brian Carroll, 30+ years military and federal service

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