Our Start

In 2015 the first team of Veterans to come to service for our POTUS started in two places at the same time - Virginia with Joshua Macias and in Florida with Vlad Lemets. We arrived eager to support our candidate and quickly found comradery in our joined military service. As all #Veterans know once a #Vet always a #Vet and the issues of #VAReform and #END22 were deep on our hearts. For far too long the political class has promised support to our community without any action. We saw a difference which has paid YUGE dividends in our currently seated president POTUS45 Donald J. Trump.

His actions as a civilian contractor supported military and Veteran initiatives long before running for office showcasing his true compassionate desire to help our community. Speaking with his top aid it was made clear that taking care of the Veterans was top on his agenda. We sought out to insure that the Veteran Plight was on the top of the list of every presidential debate. We can ill afford to continue to loose the best and brightest amongst us to self inflicted wounds caused by WAR trauma, lack of earned benefits, resources or improper treatment.

#VeteransForTrump formed alongside the grassroots MAGA movement across the country as the backbone and augmented security for our Meetups. Veteran Courage, Strength and commitment quickly fueled the fire of passion within the MAGA movement and hundreds of thousands of Veterans joined the cause to stand up and insure a future for our community encompassing every race creed or age. #Vets are the most diverse community there is in the nation who do not see color, race or religion as defining factors only the branch of service you call home. We do see color but it is the color of the fatigue blue, camo green or Navy Blue! That of the #ARMY #NAVY #AIRFORCE #MARINE and #COASTGUARD. As our Veterans showed to support our President elect we showed the bonds that tie us together with the first responders. Many of our Police, Fire and Safety personnel are Veterans whom we serve with and their fight for support is our fight for we never leave a man behind.

By the time election came we grew the strongest most well trained political activists of Veterans as a coalition since that of WWII. There has yet to be shown a number of Veterans willing to give it their all in history since our greatest generation elected John F. Kennedy as one of their own.

We continue to stand by our POTUS and as the “VA HealthCare Reform ACT” most recently passed proves our trust in his leadership has borne fruit!

Since 2015 the need to augment the Veterans For Trump movement online became a reality.  It was clear to us that the Veteran support was key to the victory of the Trump MAGA Movement.  After numerous events augmenting security for the safety and constitutional rights of our people to assemble peacefully we had to organize to continue to do the good we started.  

Joshua Macias

Co-Founder & CTO of Vets for Trump


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